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Lighting is often the single most expensive energy cost for a commercial user.  Let us take a look at your lighting system to see how we can help you reduce wasted energy and improve light quality
Energy Management Consultants, Inc.
Turn-Key Energy Upgrade

Energy Analysis  Energy Analysis: Our initial assessment begins with a complete analysis of the current equipment being used in your facility. EMC is then able to determine the appropriate measures of energy conservation to deliver a summary of energy saving potentials to you, the customer. We want our customers to make decisions based on information, opportunity and priority .

Energy Analysis  EMC’s Lighting Software: The EMC "Lighting Surveyor" is a proprietary custom-developed software package that supports EMC's lighting upgrade methodology. The core of this methodology is the "Conservation Measure.” A conservation measure specifies a "from" and a "to." It might involve replacing entire fixtures or sets of fixtures, re-lamping existing fixtures, or the installation of lighting control devices such as motion sensor switches. A Lighting Survey involves capturing a set of conservation measures to be applied along with ancillary information such as usage patterns, room numbers, etc. that can vary on a fixture by fixture basis. Lighting Surveyor calculates project and per-fixture cost savings taking into account complex utility rate plans, lighting usage patterns, and indirect (e.g. maintenance) costs. It incorporates per-project quotes for labor, material, and disposal to calculate net cost savings on both a per-fixture and project basis. A wide variety of analysis and project management reports can be generated including project role-up, cost-savings, RFQ's, PO's, work orders, etc. Key reports can be output to Microsoft Word or Excel for electronic communication with partners. Lighting Surveyor also supports Lighting Management activities via the same survey used for lighting upgrades with an additional set of reports.

Energy Analysis  Incentives/ Rebates/Tax Deductions: Most local, state and federal utilities offer consumers rebates and incentives for reducing their energy consumption. EMC maintains a knowledgeable staff and database of all incentives available for our customers. In addition, the Federal Government (EPAct 05) is currently offering incentives in the form of tax deductions. EMC will analyze our customer’s application and provide all administrative services to maximize both utility incentives and government tax deductions.

Energy Analysis  Project Management: The primary focus of our turn-key upgrades is to allow our customers to continue to focus on their business at hand.

  • Material Management – including ordering, receiving, storage, inventory and returns.
  • Project Management of electrical sub-contractors – insuring on time, on budget installation.
  • Project Timeline – setting start and completion dates to meet customer’s needs.
  • Project Tracking – periodic (as appropriate) review and reporting of project progress.
  • Customer problem solving.
  • Follow through - post customer and utility walkthroughs to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Energy Analysis  Financing Services : Businesses today are sometimes faced with constrained budgets. EMC will assist our customers with financing plans that allow for the savings to cover the cost of financing. This approach eliminates the need for capital monies in turn, helping our customers implement energy savings projects.

Energy Analysis  Guaranteed Savings: EMC will guarantee kW reductions.


Energy Analysis



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