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Lighting is often the single most expensive energy cost for a commercial user.  Let us take a look at your lighting system to see how we can help you reduce wasted energy and improve light quality
Energy Management Consultants, Inc.
Why Upgrade Your Lighting???

Generate Savings

          reasons to upgrade your lighting

Take Advantage of Incentives
-Local Utility Companies
-Epact 2005 Tax Deductions

Save the Environment
-CO2 reductions
Carbon Dioxide is considered a greenhouse gas and is a major contributor to global warming
-SO2 reductions Sulfur Dioxide- some major health effects associated with this pollutant are: asthma, respiratory illness and aggravation of existing cardiovascular disease.

-Nox reductions

Nitrogen Oxides are considered contributors to acid rain and ground level ozone (or smog)

Quantifiable Paybacks/ROI

-Payback periods are often realized in 1-5years

-ROI is typically a 20-100% return.

Equipment Standardization
-Reduce the number of lamp and ballast types


Improved Light Quality/Quantity
-Improved color rendering with triphospherous lamps
-Improve see-ability with T5/T8 lamp technologies
-Improve safety with instant start technologies.

 Here are some typical examples of what our customers have in there facilities
prior to contacting EMC and moving forward with a turn-key energy upgrade:

Lighting Upgrades:

  • Fluorescent fixtures containing T12 technology
  • Fluorescent fixtures containing standard T8 technology
  • Fluorescent fixtures containing either T12 or T8 high output technologies
  • Metal halide technologies
  • High Pressure Sodium technologies
  • Mercury Vapor technologies
  • Incandescent applications
  • Areas in which controls can be suitable


HVAC, Motors, Drives & Compressed Air Upgrades:

  • Inappropriate sizes
  • Inappropriate applications
  • Integrity breeches
  • Need for controlling

For more information, please contact EMC!


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